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Work Study, Method Study & String Diagram for Residential Project

     International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development (IJSRED)

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 Published Issue : Volume-3 Issue-5
 Year of Publication : 2020
 Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V3I5P83
 Authors :Swagat.R.Kshirsagar
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Abstract :

With increase in demand of production, Construction industries requires to attain increase their Abilities in Construction & effectiveness to compete against their competitors. At the same time, the Construction process has to be ready with the ability to have Lower costs with higher proficiency. Hence the methode to simplify the problem regarding the Construction is of huge importance. There are many Methods to Standardize Work, Setup Reduction, Cycle Time Reduction, Waste Elimination, etc. to solve the problems concerning & governing Construction Productivity. Majority of Construction Firms Adapting Work Study to help eliminate wastes and increase proficiencies rather than depending on conventional processes . Work Study is the systematic method of carrying out different yet related activities such as to improve the efficient use of resources and to set up standards of performance & quality for the activities to be carried out. In simple language, it may be defined as the analysis of a job for the sheer purpose of finding the subsequent method of doing it and also determining the required standard time to perform it by the selected or given method. Work Study generally is classified in two areas: Method study (Motion study) and Time study (Work measurement).Work Study can be considered an overarching template which encompasses a broad scope of applications ranging from the design of a new construction, to the design of a new process, to the improvement of an existing process and even to the improvement of an existing workplace. Wherever work is being done, the WS approach ensures that work is being done in the easiest, safest, and most productive way. The method study ensures the economy with the use of economical method. String Diagram Plays important role in Site layout , string diagram reduces the travelling path of materials & Resources , thus making activity short. The effective planning of construction site & Effective material flow plan using string diagram is proved to be Reduction in cost.