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Yogic Power – The Highest Power in Nature

    International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development (IJSRED)

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Published Issue : Volume-3 Issue-6
Year of Publication : 2020
Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V3I6P35
Authors : Subhendu Das
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Abstract :

This is a multidisciplinary review-research paper, and its purpose is to introduce the concept of yogic power to the scientific communities. Yogic power has nothing to do with religions. There are advanced level yogis all over the world. The internet has a rich collection of literature on the subject. Once we read this paper carefully, we will understand that there is a vast science that we never knew that it exists even today.
We give an amazing example, first published by Professor Ian Stevenson, to illustrate how a human baby is manufactured inside mother’s womb in a very specific engineering way like an advanced 3D printer. From this example we can conclude that every object in the universe, like our sun for example, is also manufactured in the similar way. Thus yogic power is not just the power of yoga exercise or yoga meditation, it is also the manufacturing and controlling power of our souls. We point out that this theory of creation is detailed in Vedas and is also summarized in Bible.
Therefore the yogic power is the strongest level power in the universe, and it is also the foundation of all knowledge about the universe. All the scientists in various fields like, physics, medicine, biology, evolution theory, social science, and even engineering, must understand this concept of yogic power as demonstrated by nature. These demonstrations and the corresponding analysis will show how we can improve our societies and life styles.
It is well known in the academic literature, and is described briefly in this paper, that all modern scientific theories are based on assumptions. Since assumptions are invalid for both nature and engineering, no results based on theoretical and experimental evidences therefore can provide any meaningful conclusions about nature. All engineering experiments will automatically reject all assumptions because engineering is a part of nature. Therefore we must observe the nature, the way as it is, just like Galileo did, to understand the laws of nature. We will give many examples of such observation in nature to illustrate the characteristics of yogic power. We will realize that the nature always demonstrates all its truths for us to find, observe, and learn about nature for our own individual emancipation.