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Assessing The Factors Affecting Students Academic Performances in Secondary Schools (A Case Study of Six Secondary Schools in Kenema City)

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Published Issue : Volume-3 Issue-6
Year of Publication : 2020
Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V3I6P60
Authors : Eric Komba Foyoh Mani, Martha Fanta Mansaray, Francis Amadu, Khalifa Konneh
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Abstract :

The study did an investigation on factors that affect students’ academic performances in secondary schools in Kenema City. The study was guides by research objectives to bring out the factors affecting students’ academic performance in secondary schools.It also focused on the services of guidance and counseling on students’ academic performances in secondary schools. The study employed qualitative research design and the instruments were interviews conducted, focused group discussion and other documentaries were used in the data collection. The findings revealed that many students could not master the English (LO1) and had poor knowledge of some vocabularies used in various subjects. They had weak English capacity to the extent of failing to make good and logical sentences in English. The poor capability in English has limited their ability to understand concepts in various disciplines like geography, physics and chemistry. The result also showed that with the exception of art text books, science text books were not enough in Kenema Secondary Schools. This limited the effective learning of various disciplines in physics. The research further indicated that the schools were experiencing the problems of science on one hand and the interaction during learning in the class room. Schools were observed to have skipped formative evaluation of students because of high cost of stationaries. Lastly, the result showed that many schools had no trained and qualified or expert counselors to counsel pupils in their academic pursuit. It further indicated that even if students were pretending to learn, they lost interest between many hours of known academic activities like chatting on emails, smartphones, computer laptops andthis gave poor concentration in their studies. Summary, conclusions and recommendation were part of the study.