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Performance Evaluation and Economic Analysis of Afam VI Unit Power Plant

    International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development (IJSRED)

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Published Issue : Volume-4 Issue-1
Year of Publication : 2021
Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V4I1P77
Authors : Dr.K.O.Ikebudu, Engr.O.N.K Swift, Engr T.V Umeaduma
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Abstract :

This research presents the performance evaluation of Afam VI CCPP (using performance indicators such as cycle efficiency, outage cost of the plant due to system downtime, percentage availability /reduction of the plant) for the period of fifteen months. The power station consists of three gas turbine units (3X150MW) and one steam turbine unit (200 MW) with the total capacity of 650 MW. However, the cycle efficiency of the plant for the period of review is 42% as against efficiency of CCPP which falls between 47% - 52%. Also, 77.68% of the installed capacity was available in the period of review. The percentage of shortfall of energy generated in the period ranged from 16.85% - 24.96% as against the acceptable value of 5 – 10%.The average availability of the plant for the period was about 77.68% as against the industry best practice of 95%.For the fifteen months under review, there was energy generation loss of about 22.32% of expected energy generation of 7,098,000MWh with consequent plant performance of 77.68% which amounts to N86,719,713,724 ($240,888,093) .The study further revealed that the 22.32% of generation loss resulted in revenue loss of about N24,934,835,506 ($69,263,431).Implementation of condition monitoring/condition based maintenance will brought down the percentage short fall of energy of the plant to 8.2% which fall within the acceptable value of 5-10%. The improved average availability of the plant for the period under review was found to be 91.8% which was close to the industrial best practice of 95%. For period under review (15 months), the energy generation loss dropped to 8.2% of expected energy generation of 7,098,000Mwh with consequent improved plant performance of 91.8% which amounts to N121,572,000,000 ($337,700,000). However,8.2% of acceptable generation lossresulted to acceptable revenue loss of about N10,737,547,824($29,826,521.73). For boosting the plant availability, condition monitoring of the equipment along with condition based maintenance wasemployed. This was achieved by installation of sensors that monitors dislocation movements and grain boundaries of the systems blades,shafts, bearings other to detect possible critical event thatcauses forced outage even before they occur. The lost operation days was gained and availability of the plant was boosted because more of condition based maintenance was carried out instead of break down maintenance which normally causes forced outage.