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Impact of Urban Expansion on Agricultural Land in Lalibela Town, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

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Published Issue : Volume-4 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2021
Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V4I2P106
Authors : Nibret Sefiw Adugnaw
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Abstract :

The main purpose of this study is to assess the impact of urban expansion on the pre-urban farming communities in Lalibela town, Amhara regional state, Ethiopia.The town covers an area of 92,166-kilometer square and it is one the municipal woreda witha population of 51,328. It consists of six woredas.To meet the general objective, two specific objectives were set:investigating the social and economic problems that faced on farming family after displaced from their agricultural land and identifying compensation problems through expropriation of agricultural land owners during urban expansion. In order to answer these specific objectives, the data were collected from affected households through questionnaires,focus group discussions and from the municipal and agricultural development office through interview. The collected data results showed that, there were rapid conversions of agricultural land for urban use. Huge amount of agricultural land is converted for cooperative housing, infrastructural development and social service provision.The conversion of this huge amount of agricultural land leads for the diminishing of agricultural land. This leads for food production decreasing, food in security, food production price rising, health problem and un employment on the farming community. In addition to this, fragment of social lives such as, idir, ikub, tezikar and senbete in the local name. Finally, these problems can be managed by applying vertical urban expansion, compact development, zoning regulation, applying family planning metodand the government should involve in the construction of condominiums on small plot area size.