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A Study on Governance in Kashmir during the Covid-19 Pandemic – Effective or Manipulative? (An Explanatory Research)

    International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development (IJSRED)

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Published Issue : Volume-4 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2021
Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V4I2P38
Authors : Hadia Noor
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Abstract :

Jammu and Kashmir has been conflict-torn for decades but the abrogation of Article 370 completely changed the political scenario of the state as well as the narratives of dissent. This was followed by the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic and the state was put under another lockdown yet again just when it appeared it was coming out of the previous one. Further, given the decades-long political, social, and economic disturbance, the communication, healthcare, and administration remain abysmally shattered which has created unique challenges for its people, especially in the health sector of the region in dealing with the pandemic. But how has the Central Government reacted to this? What have been the policies of the government to deal with the pandemic in the region? Did the government prioritize the eradication of the disease or was the situation exploited for its political interests?The study shows that the ongoing political crisis in Jammu and Kashmir continues to pose greater challenges to the people and healthcare workers in dealing with the virus. The administration struggled to control the spread of the disease and the policies of the government during the health emergency have been mostly manipulative and relatively ineffective. The study also study suggests that the government milked the pandemic in the erstwhile state as an opportunity to implement its authoritative agendas while the healthcare and socio-economic development remained widely unaddressed.