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Cameroon Private Print Journalists Perception of the National Communication Council

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Published Issue : Volume-4 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2021
Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V4I2P68
Authors : Cedric Kamgna, Emmanuel Yenshu , Henri Muluh, Constance Jawaid
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Abstract :

The existence of a council to regulate and check media excesses has been recognised as a necessity in other parts of the world. In Cameroon, there is presently a debate over the role and powers of the National Communication Council, also known as the NCC. This study aimed at reaching a comprehensive assessment of Cameroon print journalists’ perception of the National Communication Council. That is, to understand their continuous criticisms of sanctions issued by the council.
The research problem was addressed by conducting qualitative interviews with journalists from 12 newspapers found in 3 cities: Buea (South West Region) and Douala (Littoral Region) and Yaounde. A phenomenological research approach coupled with Colaizzi 1978 phenomenological qualitative data analysis was used gather and interpret data.
Interviews revealed that Cameroon private print journalists consider the National Communication Council as an organ which is not autonomous with members being appointed by the Head of State and therefore not completely independent of the Executive as they should be. Consequently, it is recommended that media professionals should be associated in the formation of a new organ and that the law creating this organ should be enacted by the parliament.
The recruitment journalists from journalists from the private press was justifiable to conduct this study. However, the sample selection which was limited to member of the private newspapers and therefore excluding members from other types of media like tv, radio and online can limit the generalization of this to other member of the media landscape. .