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AI Based Healthcare Chatbot System by Using Natural Language Processing

    International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development (IJSRED)

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Published Issue : Volume-4 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2021
Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V4I2P14
Authors : Harsh Mendapara, Suhas Digole, Manthan Thakur, Anas Dange
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Abstract :

Artificial Intelligence has core branches like, Machine Learning which takes in data, searches patterns, improves itself using the data, and displays the outcome. To lead healthy lifestyle healthcare is very much important. In few unsocialized areas, it is quite hard to find a consultation with a doctor that easily regarding health issues. The main idea here is to make a healthcare chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence using NLP that can diagnose the disease and provide required details about the specific disease before consulting or visiting a doctor. Reduces the healthcare costs and improves accessibility to this medical chatbot. Specific chatbots act as virtual medical assistance, which helps the patient know more about their disease and helps to improve their health. The user can achieve the real benefit of a chatbot only when it can diagnose all kinds of diseases and provide the necessary information. A text-to-text medical chatbot involves patients in online conversation considering their health problems which provides a set of personalized diagnoses based on their provided symptoms. These bots connect with the potential patients visiting the site, helping them discover specialists, booking appointments, and getting them access to correct treatment. This chatbot uses Natural language processing techniques to process and analyze the data and give the output inappropriate manner. It brings up the disease-related problems about whether the task mentioned above should be assigned to human staff. This healthcare chatbot system will provide patients healthcare support online at all times. It helps to generate health data and automatically delivers the information of reports to medical management. By asking the questions in series it helps the patient by guiding what exactly the user is looking for queries.