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Analysis of Solar String Failure Under Different Fault Conditions

     International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development (IJSRED)

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 Published Issue : Volume-3 Issue-5
 Year of Publication : 2020
 Unique Identification Number : IJSRED-V3I5P88
 Authors :Ms.G.Prabha
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Abstract :

Solar energy is the most exciting use of solar power. Among the various Renewable Energy resources, solar energy potential is much higher than others. Solar energy produces no pollution, has no environmental effects. This proposed work proposes analysis of different fault condition in PV system. In existing system, the failure was detected in solar module. It is difficult to detect the failure and it is time consuming, expensive in cost. In proposed system, monitoring the solar string, thereby detecting the fault based on the power decrement due to a solar string failure. The unit can be introduced inexpensively, when compared with the system required for monitoring at a panel. Consequently, string monitoring is highly effective in the detection of solar panel failures. This proposed work has planned to use MATLAB/SIMULINK tool for simulation. The faults conditions are analyzed by comparisons of traditional condition of solar PV and VI characteristics with faulty condition characteristics. The simulation results of MATLAB simulation model shows the results for various fault condition. The analysis has been done based on simulation results and theoretically. It is evident that the performance of the proposed method is excellent and it is practically implementable.